The estate of any person who dies of an accident will almost certainly benefit from a substantial court or insurance claim, much (or all) of which could go to the wrong people where there is no Will.

A family can suffer acute financial hardship because of the delays in dealing with the estate of a person who has no Will. These delays can run into YEARS!

Millions of pounds are unnecessarily paid in Inheritance Tax where a Will has not been drawn up.

Hospitals lose the opportunity to make use of valuable organs for transplant because no one is sure of the wishes of the deceased person.

Who would look after your children if you both died? If there isn’t a Will nominating Guardians they will be made Wards of Court and could be brought up by Social Services.

Most people would rather their money went to a charity than to the taxman if they have no one to leave it to. This can only happen through a Will.

If you have to go into a Nursing Home after your partner has died the Local Authority could take most of your estate, including your house, to pay for nursing fees.

A Will should be reviewed every few years. Even if you have a Will it could now be invalid or unsuitable if it was made some time ago, or your circumstances (marriage, etc.) have changed.

A few pounds and an hour or so of your time is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that you will have from the proper organisation of your estate.